The variety of the materials you can select to improve the appearance of your house is various. There are alternatives for any pocket. Siding made of vinyl is often chosen by those who want to have a high quality siding at a fair price. It is produced in a variety of forms and colors allowing you to embody your most daring ideas. Anyway, the grade of the siding shouldn’t be neglected in a chase for a bargain. Fixing vinyl siding demands different sums of money depending on several factors:

  • Quality of the siding. The thickness of siding made of vinyl is from 0.35” to 0.55”. The average chosen by siding vancouver companies vinyl sections are 0.4” - 0.48” thick. If you settled your choice on the thinnest variant, you have to know that it can crack even from a light bump. Besides, it can easily be torn by strong winds.
  • White vinyl siding will save you approximately 3-5% in comparison with colored vinyl siding.
  • Architectural peculiarities of the building and its complicacy will increase the price too.
  • Removal of the previous siding material may take somewhere from $1000 to $3000. Of course, you can save this money if there is a possibility to leave the old siding under the new You can also remove the old siding with your own forces.
  • The cost of Different contractors may estimate the same job differently.
  • The value of additional fitments. Vinyl siding is only a part of all the stuff that will be used during setting. You will also need isolation, corner posts, j-channel trim, water spigots and many other things for vents and lighting.

How to choose a siding

If the state of the walls under the old siding is good, then you are lucky. In case you find there mildew, mold or insects, your expenses will grow rapidly to cope with these issues. The mediocre value of vinyl siding is $4-$7 per sq. ft. Those who are eager to try a DIY variant are to spend $1/sq.ft. but there is no guarantee that your job won’t need to be redone.For example, if you live in the average size house 1,600 square foot it may take from $6 500 to $11 500 to install vinyl siding. You can get a nice quality siding paying $4-$5 per sq. ft. Those who spend $7 per sq. ft. can count on top quality siding material and isolation.Search for the high quality materials within your budget and a professional siding company in case you’ve picked vinyl for your home. To economize you can do a part of the job by yourself (e.g. remove the old siding; fix insulation). No matter which option you choose we hope you won’t be disappointed.